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MotusAZ+ Laser Treatments

The Revolutionary Moveo Technology for Flawless, Hairless, Even-Toned Skin

Painless Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of painful, ineffective laser hair removal or unsatisfactory results from traditional laser facials? Look no further than the MotusAZ+: the groundbreaking technology meticulously developed by Cartessa that combines advanced Moveo technology with superior energy delivery for highly effective Laser Skin Revitalization, Pigmented Lesion Reduction, Vascular Lesion Reduction, and (painless!) Hair Removal. Combine modalities to get the ultimate laser facial, MoveoGlo - the "Facial on Steroids!"


Moveo (Italian for "move") delivers more than double the energy of other laser devices without the risk of damaging tissue, via its cooled sapphire tip that makes treatments safe and completely comfortable for patients of ANY skin type!

woman's legs with laser hair removal treatment being performed at Bella Vita medspa in raleigh north carolina
Achieve flawless, glowing, youthful skin with MoveoGlo Facials! Completely reduce sun damage, pigmentations, vascular lesions, rosacea, spider veins, and more with the Moveo laser. MoveoSR revitalizes the skin and increases collagen production, while MoveoPL reduces pigmented lesions, MoveoVL reduces vascular lesions, and MoveoHR can painlessly remove hair!


Most laser systems require a spacer between the energy source and the skin, and deliver the energy through the air. These devices emit energy that is largely reflected or refracted by the skin, thus reducing the energy available for treatment purposes.

The unique Moveo handpiece was designed to solve this problem. The Moveo's sapphire tip and contact cooling handpiece glides directly on the skin, enabling nearly 100% energy absorption. The result is more than double the energy transfer compared to other laser devices and traditional spacer handpieces.


Our laser treatments address:

  • Multiple skin concerns and blemishes

  • Sun damage

  • Pigmentations

  • Vascular lesions and spider veins

  • Cherry angiomas

  • They also smooth texture, brighten skin, and reduce pores!


With the MoveoGlo Facial's stacked treatment, we can address collagen stimulation, diffuse vascular lesions, and pigmented lesions with the comfort of

Moveo and without downtime.

With Moveo, we can also say goodbye to the traditional laser hair removal experience that comes with discomfort and potential side effects. Moveo is SKINCLUSIVE and can treat all skin types without sacrificing efficiency or comfort, thanks to its extreme versatility and adjustable settings!

Moveo Painless Laser Hair Removal
Moveo Laser Pigmented Lesion Reduction
Moveo Laser Skin Revitilization Facials
Moveo Laser Vascular Lesion Reduction Treatments
woman face with laser hair removal treatment being performed at Bella Vita medspa in raleigh north carolina

MotusAZ+ Moveo Laser Treatments
at Bella Vita Downtown

If you’re near Raleigh, NC, look to Bella Vita Downtown for a unique medspa experience for superior laser facials and pain-free laser hair removal, or to treat other skin blemishes!


Our medical aesthetic treatments begin with a consultation with our expert doctor and an assisting member of our team, where we assess your wants, needs, and medical considerations. Then, we focus on product and treatment education, tailoring the process to achieve your goals, and finally discuss next steps. We pride ourselves on providing safe, effective, revolutionary beauty treatments and products for our patients every desire to achieve their beauty goals!


Indulge in a bespoke experience with our concierge services and discreet, exclusive medical aesthetics access. Call or Text us, book a Complimentary Consultation, or request information via our Contact Form today!

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