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VirtueRF Microneedling

Defying Gravity One Treatment at a Time

Unlock Radiant Skin with VirtueRF

Have you noticed that your skin has started to sag? Are you tired of seeing acne scars in the mirror? Experience Cartessa’s VirtueRF: the most versatile and sophisticated microneedling device available, that delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy through gold-plated needles and yields immediate results!


VirtueRF triggers the body's natural healing process to produce collagen, elastin, and fibroblast activity. It offers the utmost precision and efficacy, tackling a wide range of patient concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, dullness, skin resurfacing, skin revitalization, body treatments, and precise applications for smaller, more sensitive areas such as eyebags, festoons and buccal, jawline, and periorbital and submental areas.

woman recieving virtue rf services on her facial skin at Bella vita med spa in downtown Raleigh North Carolina
woman recieving virtue rf services on her skin at Bella vita med spa in downtown Raleigh North Carolina


The world’s first RF microneedling platform, VirtueRF tightens and tones the body, sculpts the jawline, and rejuvenates skin all while providing unparalleled results and comfort.


Three Unique Handpieces for Precision

  • SmartRF: 36 Needle Handpiece for comfortable treatment of face, hands and décolleté.

  • DeepRF: 36 Needle Handpiece with cooling plate for tightening, smoothing & advanced body treatments. Popular applications are the abdomen, arms, and thighs.

  • ExactRF: Single Needle Handpiece to target around the mouth, eyes and jawline with complete precision.


With more power, pulse duration, and setting options than any other RF microneedling device, VirtueRF’s exclusive RF sub-pulse technology delivers high-energy treatments without sacrificing patient experience. 


More energy and versatile settings means more dramatic, tailored results that are evident immediately and only continue to improve with time as neocollagenesis occurs.


Lastly, only VirtueRF pairs every treatment with the most innovative post-care, developed by leading skincare manufacturers to soothe skin and eliminate redness.

woman recieving virtue rf services on her facial skin at Bella vita med spa in downtown Raleigh North Carolina
Virtue RF machine at Bella Vita medspa in downtown Raleigh North Carolina for discreet medspa services

VirtueRF Microneedling
at Bella Vita Downtown

If you’re around Raleigh, NC, look to Bella Vita Downtown for a unique medspa experience to revitalize and resurface skin, promote collagen production, and restore a youthful glow!


Our medical aesthetic treatments begin with a consultation with our expert doctor and an assisting member of our team, where we assess your wants, needs, and medical considerations. Then, we focus on product and treatment education, tailoring the process to achieve your goals, and finally discuss next steps. We pride ourselves on providing safe, effective, revolutionary beauty treatments and products for our patients every desire to achieve their beauty goals!


Indulge in a bespoke experience with our concierge services and discreet, exclusive medical aesthetics access. Call or Text us, book a Complimentary Consultation, or request information via our Contact Form today!

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